First Appeared: "The Thing on the Doorstep" (1933)
Founding Father: H.P. Lovecraft
Notable Residents: Herbert West, Randolph Carter, Daniel Upton, Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee

Without Lovecraft's weird take on New England via Arkham (as well as a number of other fictional places that, while still memorable, are not as significant), you wouldn't have Castle Rock. In fact, virtually every horror story to take a small town as its setting is a little indebted to H.P. Lovecraft and, by extension, Arkham. Home to the famous Miskatonic University, Arkham is an "ancient, mouldering, and subtly fearsome town," a place plagued by child murders, and central to the writer's Cthulu mythos, which has been further developed by generations of writers after the notoriously troubled creator died in 1937. Based on fragments of detail offered across a number of tales, Arkham exists somewhere north of Boston. It's a great place to lose your mind.