Jim Sterling (Destructoid)

Ah, Jim Sterling, the star of almost every poorly manufactured controversy you're bound to find on the Internet. As a critic with harsher judgments than most, Jim is often scrutinized for his hateful negativity and a bunch of profanity unfit for this page. Twitter is where Jim gets to use his hilarious wit to fight against the horde of angry Internet trolls and their idiotic claims. It's also where he live-tweets his impressions of awful films and shares his sickening love for Sonic the Hedgehog.

This may all sound a bit weird and crazy, but Jim's Twitter may the best one of all. He's a realist who understands games, his job, and the goofy things happening in both. He's also just really, really good at Twitter. The man's open, honest, willing to talk about everything to anyone, and, best of all, incredibly British.

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