1. "The Shinning" (Treehouse Of Horror V, 1994)

Not only is this Treehouse Of Horror segment the best of the bunch, but it also might be one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. Taking its cues from Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror flick, "The Shining," this story places the Simpson family in the middle of an abandoned hotel as Homer begins to lose his sanity and attempt to murder his family.

Featuring cameos by Mr. Burns, Moe, and an elevator full of blood, "The Shinning" is eight minutes of pure Simpsons humor without any dead-weight bogging it down. Between Homer's psychotic rants and Groundskeeper Willie getting mowed down while doing his best Scatman Crothers impression, "The Shinning" stands tall amongst the pantheon of great Simpsons moments.

"The Shinning" is unquestionably the most complete blend of parody and comedy in any of the Treehouse of Horror specials; in fact, it's easy to argue that this segment is one of the best movie parodies to be produced in any medium.