2. "King Homer" (Treehouse Of Horror III, 1992)

"King Homer" is one of the first Treehouse Of Horror segments to move away from the horror theme that these specials originally set to establish, but it's so damn funny that it doesn't really matter. As a direct parody of King Kong, this story is a loving homage to classic Hollywood, complete with black-and-white animation and a damsel in distress.

There are some great moments in this episode, such as Homer swallowing Shirley Temple in mid-song and the bizarre inter-species marriage at the end. But the show's most memorable scene comes when King Homer is about to make his great ascension up the Empire State Building, only to tumble off a mere one story from the ground due to exhaustion.

Part of this segment's success comes from the writers of the show knowing what material would make for a great parody, and King Kong proved to be the perfect launching pad for this story.