12. "Hungry Are The Damned" (Treehouse Of Horror I, 1990)

As the first of many Twilight Zone parodies that The Simpsons ever attempted, "Hungry Are The Damned" is a take-off of the classic Zone episode "To Serve Man." It also marks the first appearance of the aliens Kang and Kodos, who have gone on to become two of the series' most popular characters.

In a bit of social commentary, "Hungry Are The Damned" isn’t shy about turning the spotlight on man’s own gluttonous and mistrusting nature. But the episode might be best remembered for the scene in which Lisa reveals that she found a cookbook titled How To Cook Humans, which turns out to actually be titled How To Cook For Humans. It is a signature joke that falls perfectly in line with The Simpsons' brand of off-beat humor.