15. "The Day The Earth Looked Stupid" (Treehouse Of Horror XVII, 2006)

After the citizens of Springfield are fooled by Orson Welles’ infamous War Of The Worlds broadcast, the aliens Kang and Kodos discover that it's the perfect time to actually invade Earth. And if an alien invasion isn't enough to pique you interest, this episode also features Maurice LaMarche’s near-perfect impression of Welles, which is so dead-on it's as if the producers of the show reanimated the bloated actor's corpse.

Even though the episode packs in some laughs, the most memorable aspect of this segment is the fact that it becomes clear by the end that this story is actually a commentary on the Iraq War. The satire may be a little too obvious at times, but the combination of old Hollywood in-jokes and political allusions is enough to make this one of the most successful segments from the more recent Treehouse Of Horror episodes.