Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Stars: Tom Atkins, Stacey Neikin, Dan O’Herlihy

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch’s reputation definitely precedes it. Back in 1982, the film’s arrival without Michael Myers’ participation confused the hell out of audiences, much like director Tommy Lee Wallace’s unconventional sequel still does today whenever uninformed watchers happen across it on cable, expecting to see The Shape and his trusty butcher’s knife.

Original Halloween director John Carpenter, onboard for Season Of The Witch as a producer, never intended to pull a fast one on folks, though; planned as a potential Halloween-themed franchise starter, Season Of The Witch abandoned the slasher tropes of the two previous Myers-led films and combined a ton of unrelated and creatively demented ideas.

The film centers on inventor Conal Cochran, a “mad scientist” type who launches the Silver Shamrock line of Halloween masks as a way of killing children. The exact strategy is the stuff of ridiculous genius: Inside every Silver Shamrock is a piece of Stonehenge that unleashes deadly insects once the Shamrock TV commercial’s addictive jingle begins. So what if there’s no Michael Myers? Halloween III: Season Of The Witch is horror’s most misunderstood and unjustly slighted sequel.