Whenever someone picks up a newspaper or flips on any TV news channel, one overwhelming sentiment is constant: We’re all screwed. Whether it’s the numerous wars taking place all around the world, the growing financial crisis that might make the entire country of Greece somehow go bankrupt, or the fact that Snooki actually authored a book, the world is in a lot of trouble.

Politicians want us to believe that nobody saw these crises coming, but the fact is that the film industry saw all of these problems creeping up decades ago. Dating as far back as the ‘20s, Hollywood has been attempting to illustrate the problems facing our world today by releasing films that show twisted versions of Earth's future.

Fascist governments, never-ending violence, and the elimination of civil liberties have been sci-fi staples since the beginning. Even though these movies are meant to be a form of escapist fun, they’re also meant to get people thinking about the problems at hand today and ways to solve them. Unfortunately, these flicks are starting to resemble the world outside a little too much, and nothing is really being done to prevent these futures from happening.

With the martial-arts action movie Bunraku, set in a violent future, being released this weekend, we’re taking a look at the 15 Bleakest Dystopian Futures In Movies.