When Callie Rogers was 16, she was just another normal teen living in the UK. Then she won the lottery (about £1.9 million, which at the time was roughly $3 million, to be exact). If you're currently thinking that 16 is far too young to be dealing with that much money at once, you're completely right, because shortly after receiving her cash prize, Callie went on a spending spree and threw her hardly-hard-earned cash at everything from clothes to vacations to parties to breast enhancements. Oh, and cocaine. Lots and lots of cocaine, which is a pretty expensive drug, so you can kinda see why she's on this list.

Six years later, she was completely broke and in debt. She'd attempted to take her own life twice—the stress of handling and ultimately losing that much money too much for her—and was ultimately forced to take a job as a maid to support herself and her two children (by a baby-daddy who allegedly tried to steal her money).

Basically, if you ever find yourself mulling over the thought that perhaps the strict 18-plus age minimum on playing the lottery in the U.S. is a bit too high, this is why they set it.