It's often wondered if money can buy you happiness. While we're pretty certain that buying a lot of cool stuff would make us very happy, that wasn't necessarily the case for this bunch of people who, after winning a ton of money in the lottery, ended up broker than they were when they began. Some of them spent it all on stupid shit—well, actually, most of them spent it on stupid shit, which is sad because you'd hope that if they've won the lottery and lost it all, the least they could walk away with is a hoverboard or a jet pack or a Delorean or something. Oh well.

Winning the lottery is such a phenomenon that the TLC series Lottery Changed My Life (Mondays, 9 p.m.) even chronicles it, although, granted, they don''t really feature the winners who end up penniless in the end. The lottery changes their lives too, yes, just...not in a good way.

For your reading pleasure, though, we've chronicled the absolute 10 Worst Lottery Win Disasters. Read it to make yourself feel better about your own life, to inspire yourself to budget your finances better, or just to procrastinate at your under-paying day job!

Written by Tanya Ghahremani (@TanyaGhahremani)