Julia Stiles is the physical embodiment of a white girl. She has about as much business on a dance floor as Nas does giving a lecture on string theory. So what do you do with an actress that has about as much grace as an electric football table? You put her in a movie where she plays a dancer, of course.

Whether she’s doing ballet, or dancing in a club, Stiles just comes across as clumsy throughout every frame of Save The Last Dance. If not for the miracle of video editing, not one shot from this movie would have been salvageable. In the above scene, Stiles tries her hardest to look hip, but it's hard to not inadvertently chuckle at her as she pulls out her repertoire of Carlton Banks-esque dance moves.

There are plenty of other pointless dances in the movie, but this short scene exemplifies why no one should ever cast Stiles as an urban dancer. If anything, she comes across as the fish-out-of-water who's simply trying too hard.