Without Olivia Newton John or John Travolta and his inexplicable flying car, Grease 2 was destined to flop. The dance scenes in this cash-grab of a sequel lacked any of the spark of the original, and the songs were quickly forgotten after they were over.

Nothing quite compares to the film’s most ho-hum dance scene, set to "We Are Going To Score Tonight," a song that's nothing a couple of high school kids couldn’t have written in the back of an algebra class. The odd dance moves are more contrived than most spontaneous musical numbers. Scenes like this make the film's choreographed bits, which were a hallmark of the original Grease, a chore to sit through.

Grease 2 did nothing to improve upon the original, and thanks to songs like "We Are Going To Score Tonight," it's virtually unwatchable. Much like these other terrible movies sequels.