We know this scene is supposed to be awkward to watch for the actual characters in the movie, but the reality is that it’s even more awkward for the audience that spent $10 to see this atrocity. Jennifer Garner may be pretty to look at in 13 Going On 30, yet her role as a 13-year-old stuck in the body of a 30-year-old is nothing short of tired. The film itself, 97 minutes of nonsense, holds a special place in cinema hell for this dance number alone.

With all of the rhythm of an epileptic attempting to do the Macarena, Garner’s dance moves aren’t cute or quirky; they’re annoying and disrespectful to all of the great on-screen dancers that came before her, such as Dick Van Dyke and Michigan J. Frog. Thinking about it, there's very little reason for a musical number to actually happen in 13 Going On 30, unless the director thought this would wake up the large portions of the audience that had fallen asleep shortly after the opening credits.