Procedure: A grieving and mentally imbalanced plastic surgeon performs sex reassignment surgery on the guy who raped his now-dead daughter

Robert Ledgard, the surgeon played by Antonio Banderas in acclaimed filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar’s kinkily bizarre The Skin I Live In, hasn’t had the easiest domestic life. First, his wife suffered extreme facial burns after a car accident, and then, once she caught a glimpse of her charcoal face in a mirror, she killed herself by jumping out of a window. Years later, Ledgard’s daughter, who witnessed the mother's suicide firsthand, gets raped during a wedding reception, descends into a state of lunacy, and ends her life a la mommy.

So how does Ledgard react to life’s one-two wallop of trauma? By seeking a therapist’s counsel? No, sir—he kidnaps the rapist, imprisons the son-of-a-bitch in the dungeon-like basement of his mansion, and gives dude a gender overhaul, turning him into the spitting image of Ledgard’s deceased spouse.

We don’t know what’s worse: Almodóvar’s unbelievably sick imagination, or how attracted we are to the rapist’s post-surgery appearance. Our reasoning for the latter: She (or he, whichever) is played by the ultra sexy Spanish actress Elena Anaya. Whatever helps us sleep at night, right?