Procedure: Performing medical experiments on animals to turn them into humans

Legendary sci-fi/horror author H.G. Wells’ 1986 novel The Island Of Dr. Moreau has been adapted into three films to date, including the horrendous 1996 version that starred a near-death Marlon Brando and an about-to-fall-off Val Kilmer. The best cinematic take on Wells’ book is by far director Erle C. Kenton’s 1932 triumph, a major genre achievement that’s rarely mentioned alongside the great '30s horror classics Frankenstein and Dracula. That’s quite the fail.

The excellent Charles Laughton stars as Dr. Moreau, a morally corrupt scientist who spends his time on a deserted island trying to turn animals into humans, which regularly misfires and produces half-man, half-beast hybrids. The makeup effects on the monsters, one of which is played by Count Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi, is primitive by today’s evolved standards, which is totally fine. Lugosi and his angry co-stars resemble poor man’s wolf-men (think Lon Chaney Jr.), but their intensely savage performances during the film’s anti-Moreau climax lend them a collective scariness that shits upon modern-day CGI monsters.

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