Procedure: Bringing back a dismembered dead woman by grabbing loose body parts and organs from murdered prostitutes

With her 1818 novel Frankenstein, author Mary Shelley created horror’s most iconic monster, a patchwork zombie constructed from limbs acquired through grave-robbing. In 1990, schlock master Frank Henenlotter paid homage to Shelley’s classic tale the only way he knew how: by replacing the book’s elegance with trashy characters, sexploitative bloodshed, and a former Penthouse Pet (co-star Patty Mullen).

Tweaking Shelley’s plot quite a bit, Frankenhooker is the heartwarming story of a medical school dropout whose loving wife gets mangled in a lawnmower accident; beside himself, the guy, conveniently named Jeffrey Franken, stashes her decapitated head and goes out slaughtering call girls for their below-the-neck body parts. Once “Frankenhooker” is born, though, all the horny creature does is kill men while satisfying her sexual urges. If she was alive today, we’re sure Mary Shelley would be proud.