Procedure: Using alien-like medical instruments to operate on the baby-making region of a woman who's unable to conceive

Esteemed writer-director David Cronenberg became cinema’s almighty king of physical grotesqueries with his earlier films, which intelligently and gruesomely presented the many ways in which flesh can be violated. It’s a bit of a surprise, then, that only one of Cronenberg’s bodily horror pictures features doctors for main characters. That film is the critically embraced Dead Ringers, one of Cronenberg’s more cerebral and sexual works. Jeremy Irons plays twin brothers, both gynecologists, who use their interchangeable appearances to manipulate a sexy new female patient (Genevieve Bujold) who's suffering from an abnormal reproductive system that prevents her from getting pregnant.

The film’s weirdest scene shows one of the brothers putting his self-made “mutant” tools to use on the lady, who ironically has twin vaginas. Puncturing her lower-half’s nether area, the unstable doctor then hops on top of the woman and sucks the air out of her anesthetic bag. Cronenberg’s typically out-there flourishes drape the medical team in bright red outfits, an odd visual choice that gives the sequence a ritualistic occult vibe.