Procedure: Patching together a makeshift woman by using random body parts from other, deceased females

In the spirit of Bride Of Frankenstein, the exaggeratedly gory 1990 horror-comedy Bride Of Re-Animator depicts the pitfalls of trying to create the perfect woman. Here, doctors Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) and Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) gather loose female body parts and employ the substance whipped up by Wise in 1985’s superior Re-Animator to revive the reassembled lady.

Bride Of Re-Animator proves a vital point: There’s no such thing as “making the perfect woman.” Think about it—if you were to medically carry out those “What’s your type?” fantasies, the end result would be a hideous monstrosity. Picture what a sowed together beast comprised of Nicki Minaj’s ass, Kate Upton’s rack, and Adriana Lima’s face would look like. And then imagine waking up next to that in the morning.