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Meet good old fashioned Texas gunslinger Crockett Keller. In his spare time, he teaches concealed handgun safety classes, but everyone isn’t welcome in his classroom. According to Keller, he will not educate you about how to properly handle a weapin if you’re a “non-Christian Arab or Muslim,” or voted for the “current campaigner in chief”, which is a pretty clever reference to President Obama. Oh yeah, he has “no shame” about his feelings either.

So why won’t Keller teach Muslims about handgun safety? It’s because they want to learn his secrets to take him out. Keller told KVUE-TV in Austin “Why should I arm these people to kill me, that’s suicide.” So let’s not educate the evil Muslims on handgun safety, because it’s somehow better to let people go out and use handguns recklessly. In his warped mind, Keller seems to forget that if anyone wanted to kill him at any time, they could do so regardless of his class.

In America, a culture of fear has been cultivated, so of course Keller has other scared “patriots” backing him. He also has the Texas Department of Public Safety investigating him, so good luck with that class. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the idiots. You can listen to the radio ad  here, or read a transcribed version right here. It’s as American as apple pie.

[via Gawker]