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With negotiations between DirecTV and network FX in a bit of a lock, there's the very real chance that DirecTV subscribers could lose access to FX. This is a very real problem, considering that the current season of Sons of Anarchy would be cut off right before the final five episodes - episodes, creator Kurt Sutter wrote on his blog, that are the "five most critical...of the series."

Sutter took to his blog to vent his frustrations about the lack of a deal, where he basically says "f**k you, DirecTV" in a few paragraphs.

DirecTV is shutting down all conversation and using their customers as leverage. In the process, you're getting f**ked over. They're running ads with their corporate shill telling you how much "they care about your business"; that dude's got one sincere hand on his heart while the other greases your unsuspecting backside. Because they're about to flip you over and f**k you up the ass till you bleed.

Colorful - but it certainly gets the point across, no?

[Via Wall Street Journal]