WHERE: Hartsfield Atlanta Airport
WHEN: Sunday, October 9, 2011

Layover coming home from L.A. Needed a smoke. Shut up…smoking is bad, we all know…so is stealing, overeating, and lying…show me your halo, or kick rocks with the rhetoric for the moment. Most indoor smoking facilities are more often than not inadequately ventilated, in consideration of their dedicated use. I often wonder if that's intentionally so, in order to make a smoker's clothing so smokey that they can't stand themselves as they walk back out into the "fresh" airport air. Or possibly an expense shoved under a rug of healthy living rhetoric and in large U.S. facilities like airports. Do those who smoke have to stand in a box with no ventilation as some form of public lashing? Is it the same old thing as other political health care causes? Corral the sick ones "over there" and then leave them to their sick devices, in inadequate facilities. I dunno. Interesting though that it would seem that unhealthy smokers are having what's left of their good health potential hindered by spaces designed specifically for smokers. There's better ventilation in most mine shafts than these rooms. Come on, big business. Finish the circle, dummies.