Chicago’s ultra-brusque trio Shellac have been at it for more than two decades now, and by “it,” we mean motorik-style, thumping drumbeats over two-note, monotonous guitar/bass interplay with sweatily frantic lyrics. The band’s output of exquisitely recorded material is in part to the fact that all three members—Steve Albini, Bob Weston, and Todd Trainer—are well-known engineers, having worked on albums from Nirvana, Cheap Trick and PJ Harvey. Albini, perhaps the most infamous of the group as far as caustic public statements goes, has ranted at length about the evils of the music industry, and his live presence is indeed intense and, well, rantlike, but the interplay between himself and bassist Weston are more like a comedy routine sandwiched in between grinding, pummeling rock songs. A Shellac appearance anywhere is a rare event, so this one has sold out of advance tickets, but the venue will be giving away 50 more tickets when the doors open on Wednesday, at 8:30 p.m. Get in line now. 

Wednesday, October 26
8:30 p.m.
1001 SE Morrison St., Portland, Ore.
Tickets $12 (at the door)