No doubt the only cool thing about Harry Potter, the invisibility cloak gave us the hope of one day being able to live out rather adolescent fantasies. A few months back, scientists figured out the noise-canceling cloak, which was cool, I guess, but nowhere near the Holy Grail. But alas! We’re almost there!

Using carbon nanotubes, scientists employed a “mirage effect” to achieve invisibility. As you might know, excessive heat changes in temperature and density causes light to bend, in turn causing mirages. In this experiment, the researchers heated the nanotubes underwater, causing a sheet of the tubes to disappear, as demonstrated in the video above.

So yeah, the one caveat for now is that this invisibility thing can only happen underwater. So perhaps the next time you’re at the beach, you might be able to get your creep on there.

[via Engadget]