Samuel L. Jackson's infamous line, "Say what again, I dare you" is arguably one of the most memorable moments from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. And apparently, Jackson thinks so too.

In an interview for the Pulp Fiction's Blu-ray release (available Tuesday October 4), many of the stars including John Travolta and Uma Thurman offered up personal anecdotes about the circumstances surrounding the now classic film, including their favorite scenes and how they got their now infamous roles.

But one of the most interesting admissions comes from an interview with Jackson that did not make it onto the Blu-ray, but was exclusively released to MTV. When asked about his favorite line, Jackson reveals it's his very own over-the-top rant, and even admits he has the audio from the scene as his ring-tone.

A little egotistical? Maybe. But it is one damn good line.

[Via MTV]