Russell Simmons offered to pay for the clean-up of Zuccotti Park and go to jail with protesters if need be, but it looks like that won’t be necessary after all. According to the Office of Mayor Bloomberg, Brookfield Properties’ massive cleaning operation has been postponed.

A crowd had gathered at the park early this morning to see what would happen, and when nothing did, it turned into a celebration. Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway released an official statement, saying that the cleaning of the park had been postponed, and that Brookfield Properties had rescinded their request for police assistance during the cleaning.

Apparently, Brookfield believes they can reach an agreement with protesters that will benefit both parties. Gothamist reports that, as expected, there were some confrontations with the NYPD after an impromptu and celebratory march was organized.  However, Occupy Wall Street has issued a statement insisting that Bloomberg has asked the police not to remove protesters. So, at the end of week number four, it looks like protesters won’t be getting evicted after all.

[via Gawker]