For years, the Mummers have been associated with bringing in the New Year in Philly. Now, they’re being linked to a prostitution raid.

Last night, police arrested 13 people at the Downtowners Club—11 for prostitution and 2 for illegal alcohol sales-after a six-week investigation. Police acted on a tip that suggested that on the second Tuesday of every month, the Mummers club transformed into a good old fashioned brothel.

During the raid, cops walked in on women (check out the extra images above for some idea of how busted these ladies are) performing sex acts in the main banquet room, and then walked out with kegs of beer. Drug were also found during the raid (what a shocker), but because the focus of the raid was prostitution, that was put on the backburner. For the moment.

Two men were arrested for selling beer and alcohol without a license, and another was arrested for promoting prostitution, which is a felony, and also the most serious charge handed down during the raid.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told Fox 29 in Philly that members of the Mummers group were present at the club during the raid. A neighbor who preferred not to be identified confirmed that this has been going on for a while, and that members of the club have to be present when the place is rented out.

Nobody has come out and said it yet, but the Mummers Parade will probably still happen on New Years’ Day, regardless of how this turns out. We sure hope so.

This is like an episode of It’s Always Sunny playing out before our very eyes.

[via Fox Philly]