Three Things You're Gonna Love About Skyrim

You could watch three episodes of “The Walking Dead.” You could take a ride to the mall, get a fresh haircut, then go home. You could take a date to dinner, get a good night kiss, maybe even sneak in a few extracurriculurs.

There are a lot of things you could do in three hours, but making true headway in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not one of them. Yeah, yeah, I’m well aware that one of Bethesda’s own QA team members smashed through the game in two hours and 16 minutes, but the dude wasn’t exactly taking time to enjoy the beauty of the world.

It’s entirely – maybe even highly – possible that you’ll spend your early hours with Skyrim waltzing around the open world and doing an amazingly fun next to nothing. Elder Scrolls games have always been deep, and Skyrim due out in just a few weeks on Nov. 11, is no different.

I know so, because I recently spent three hours with the game. And while a part of me wanted to prove I could join Bethesda’s QA team, too, I couldn’t help traipsing around Skyrim without a care in the huge open world.