The Unfazed Fashionista

Restaurant: Kajitsu
Cuisine: Japanese
Neighborhood: East Village, Manhattan
Address: 414 East 9th St.

To shake this dispassionate tart from her omnipotent delusions, you'll have to choose something outré. Kajitsu comes to mind. It's a tasting menu restaurant that specializes in shojin cuisine—a traditional form of meatless dining developed in Japan's Zen Buddhist monasteries. Exquisite, artful presentations and challenging food (tonburi, yomogi, glutinous fu) should serve as a delicious and stern reminder that indeed, no one has truly “seen it all.”

You might also consider taking her somewhere hedonistic to show her, for one night, what life might be like beyond sample sizes. The new Fatty 'Cue West Village (50 Carmine St.) is a safe bet. Order a half-pound of deep fried bacon and pappardelle napped in goat ragu—if she wilds out, you may have a keeper. The new Cannibal (113 East 29th St.) in Gramercy is another option, if only because there's something terribly sexy about trading witticisms over a burnished half-head of pig.