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The Adventures of Tintin hasn't even opened in theaters yet, but already a sequel for the animated movie is being materialized. Peter Jackson confirmed that very news to The Hollywood Reporter that he will take Steven Spielberg's place as the director, and he'll begin helming Tintin 2 right after finishing work on The Hobbit.

The screenplay for the sequel is already written, courtesy of Anthony Horowitz (Injustice), and is based on two of Herge's books titled "Prisoners of the Sun," which could be the title for the second film, and "The Seven Crystal Balls." #NoRazB. While word about a possible third film has been batted around, Spielberg claimed, "We haven't talked about that."

The first Tintin film, subtitled Secret of the Unicorn, will be released to theaters on December 21. Spielberg took on the directorial duty, while Jackson served as the producer. The voice cast includes Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Haddock, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Thomson and Thompson, and Daniel Craig as Red Rackham.

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