Johnny Depp has been forced into silence. No, he hasn't gone all Boo Radley on us; Disney has just put his mouth on lockdown.

Depp made an appearance at the Austin Film Festival for a screening of The Rum Diary and to accept an Extraordinary Contribution to Film” award from the festival, but was unable to speak to the press about either.

According to Houston’s KHOU, the star was unable to do interview or have any interaction with the press (including photos and video) due to a clause in his Pirates of the Caribbean contract with Disney. Apparently, Disney felt that the attention Depp was garnering forThe Rum Diary would distract from their next installment of the seemingly inexhaustible Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which isn't set to hit theaters until next year.

The Rum Diary, in which Depp will reprise his classic role as iconic/alcoholic journalist Hunter S. Thompson, will be in theaters on Oct. 28. Take that, Disney! 

[via THR]