Yesterday morning, the FDNY and NYPD made an impromptu visit to Occupy Wall Street and took all of the demonstration's gas generators. According to Mayor Bloomberg, six generators and thirteen fuel containers were removed because they were "fire hazards."

With a winter preview forecasted for the weekend, this scenario paints an interesting picture of the future. What protesters plan to do as the seasons change is a concern that's been on the minds of everyone following the movement, whether they support it or not. Is Occupy Wall Street prepared to face the winter winds as the rip through Zuccotti Park? 

Cycling advocacy group Times Up! has energy-mapped the entire area and decided that 11 pedal-powered generators would be needed to keep things going, at a hefty price of $8,000. Gothamist reported that five were being built this morning, and one was already present in the park. They're already a little more than halfway past their goal, so let's see how the weekend goes.

[via Gawker and Gothamist]