Maybe it’s the thrill of public fornication or maybe it’s just human nature, but sex has been a recent topic at Zuccotti Park.

According to Metropolis, the topic of inevitable outdoor sex is raised at quality-of-life meetings every afternoon in Zuccotti Park. While it bothers some protesters, nobody wants to ruffle feathers by telling others what to do. It would make them seem too much like the cops.

A brutally-honest demonstrator, who left his girlfriend back on the other side of the country, admitted to occupying the sleeping bags of “several women,” saying that it’s part of their “support structure.” We’re cool with however he chooses to justify it. In another story, Nadav Neuhaus of The New York Times captured an image (see the second photograph above) of 19-year-old Brandon Watts with a female companion, Core Jones—not who he lost his virginity to. Watts gave the Times an applause-worthy account of drinking six Four Lokos before getting rid of his virginity. Getting deflowered at Occupy Wall Street is a timeless story that should be shared throughout the ages.

At least protesters are practicing safe sex (for the most part), as a volunteer medic noted that some of them were using donated condoms. He also mentioned requests for pregnancy tests, so don’t be shocked when Occupy Wall Street babies are born next year with “Zuccotti” as a first or middle name. Sure, they might grow up to hate their parents, but being conceived at Occupy Wall Street might rival being conceived at Woodstock when it’s all said and done.

In other sex-related OWS news, a new Tumblr purports to have photograhed the most attractive ladies of the protest—on both sides of the law. Thoughts?

[via Gothamist]

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