Josh Schwartz, AKA the man behind The O.C., Gossip Girl, Chuck, and most recently Hart of Dixie is working on yet another show - this time, according to the Vulture blog at New York Magazine, a U.S. remake of the British sci-fi series, Misfits.

The U.K. cult hit was posted on Hulu earlier this year, where it garnered over 9 million views. This popularity that seems to fall in line with the show's television ratings across the pond, where second season numbers doubled since the first season. 

No word on how exactly the show will translate for U.S. audiences - U.K. television is less censored, and in short, Misfits has always taken full advantage of that fact - but Schwartz is working with the creator of the U.K. version, Howard Overman, to produce a pilot script. And, to quell any worries that the remake might suck, rest assured...Overman will remain an executive producer of the U.S. version. 

Well, color us intrigued.

[Via NYMag]