What kind fuckery is this?

A car accident occurred in the wee hours of Monday morning on Van Nuys Boulevard, north of Valerio Street. Three small children were handed over to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services after being involved with car crash that was the result of drunk driving.

The parents of the children had the right idea when they called a friend to drive the family home after they had one too many. What they didn’t know is that their friend was drunk as well. Around 12:30am, the friends van collided with a Mustang, which was being driven by another drunk driver. Neither Quentin Tarantino, nor Paul Thomas Anderson could make shit like this up.

To make matters worse, none of the kids were properly secured in the van. The 4-month old girl was placed in a foot washtub, rather than a car seat. The 2 year-old boy, who wasn’t placed in a child safety seat, suffered a bruise on the cheek. The oldest child, a 4 year-old girl, had the pleasure of sitting between her two drunken parents in the back seat. She suffered a lump on the left cheek. All of the adults were injured as well. The mother walked away with a lump on the head, while the father and the driver sustained minor abrasions. The driver of the Mustang, on the other hand, had to be rushed to the hospital for serious injuries.

Both drivers will face DUI charges, while the driver of the van is looking at three counts of felony child endangerment. All of the adults will have to answer to their own guilty consciences, which should be pretty sobering.

[via LAist]