We have more bad news on the BlackBerry front: According to a new study by Enterprise Management Associates, 30% of of BlackBerry users in companies with more than 10,000 users plan to move to a different mobile platform within the next year. Ouch. Even with all of RIM's recent foibles and loss of market share, we thought for sure the corporate world would stick by its side and keep it afloat. Nope. 

The study also showed that only 14% of BlackBerry users consider themselves happy with their device. To compare, EMA found that 44% of iPhone users considered themselves happy with their device. It's not looking good for the Canadian mobile handset maker. For more harrowing statistics and to read why BlackBerry may be doomed, head over to Infoworld and read Galen Gruman's "Mobile Edge" column. 

[via Infoworld