Do you think that you can beat Chrissy Teigen’s time in the demo of Need for Speed: The Run? If you think you have the skills to top her, EA wants to know about it. Between now and November 1, 2011, players are challenged with besting Chrissy’s best time in the Desert Hills level of the Need for Speed: The Run demo. Are that you have to do is top the time and then post a picture of your record breaking time to Twitter, directed at @NeedforSpeed with the hashtag of #NFSTherun_SI.

The time to beat is 02:41:24. If you have what it takes to do it faster, you could win a trip to meet Chrissy Teigen in Las Vegas for the Sports Illustrated launch week in February 2012. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t try, so what are you waiting for?