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Remember back in 2001 when Trey Parker and Matt Stone made the satirical comedy That's my Bush! , which used Bush ringer Timothy Bottoms to make thinly veiled-politcal references and poke fun at policy?

Well, it seems President Obama is now the one in the comedic spotlight. While the jokes may not come as easy as they did with our prior President, they will be coming! NBC recently gave the thumbs up on pilot for the half-hour sitcom, which was created by Book of Mormon star and former Obama speechwriter Josh Gad and will be penned by Jon Lovett, who also once worked as a speechwriter and has the distinction of being the "Funniest Celebrity in DC" (although, that's not saying much, is it?).

20th Century Fox revealed that 1600 Penn  will center around "a dysfunctional family that just happens to live at the most famous address in America."  And while the pilot has been ordered, the show is not necessarily a go, so it's ultimate fate will probably lie in casting a spot-on Obama. But wait, he already exists! Reggie Brown, do not stray far from your phone. Thanks to 1600 Penn, you have just become a comedic commodity.

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