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Michael Moore seems to have a gripe with President Obama. Feeling some kind of way, the controversial filmmaker elaborated his thoughts in an interview with the BBC, describing the chief executive's first term as "heartbreaking" and a "disappointment." If he's upset about that, we wonder what his first thoughts were of Herman Cain's Thank You For Smoking presidential campaign ad.

"He did not come into office like I had hoped that he would, to do what Franklin Roosevelt did in his first few months where he came in and said, you know, 'I'm in charge, this is the way we're doing things, if you don't like it, throw me out of office,' and then he set about doing what he had to do," Moore said. While we agree that President Obama didn't come in with guns ablaze and kickin' ass (like he'd later proclaim during his term), we believe that this is simply a bait-and-switch on the part of our Commander-in-Chief.

Arguing what he hasn't done instead of what he's trying to do seems counterproductive if anything, which sometimes is Moore's modus operandi. Stating that Obama has been "running the ball in the wrong direction," and that he's "not the person he thought he was" could be words that the filmmaker may be forced to eat if the 44th president wins the 2012 election. But this isn't the first time Moore has criticized Obama (and won't be the last). In August, he ranted on his Twitter feed that Standard & Poor's was to blame for the 2008 economic collapse and that the president needed to take action.

With all this civil unrest and community discussion going on—what do you think of our president's job? Is Michael Moore right? Or should he focus on making that #OccupyWallStreet documentary? Speak your piece below in the comments section.

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