A 60-year-old violinist who is suing a non-profit organization for age discrimination is trying to get the judge of his case booted because, get this, he says his 88-year-old judge is too old to preside.

Yeah, you read that right.

Manhattan musician Martin Stoner is suing the non-profit Young Concert Artists after they turned him away, citing an age limit. He says in a judicial complaint that the judge of his case, Manhattan Federal Judge Robert Patterson is "slow-witted and unable to function," as well as, "Judge Patterson could barely see unless he put his face almost on top of a document."

Stoner admits to the NY Daily News that his move to get a judge replaced for being too old to preside over a case of age discrimination does sound hypocritical, but he maintains that his case is too important for anything to mess it up. "I know it sounds kind of like hypocrisy. I asked the judge to recuse himself on the grounds that he's too old. Isn't that ironic?"

[Via NY Daily News]