Director Zack Snyder deserves a lot of credit for updating the somewhat anitquated Superman costume in his upcoming reboot, Man of Steel. Now, The Daily Mail is showing off some spy pictures from the set of the movie that reveal Russell Crowe in the role of Jor-El, Superman's birth father. 

Obviously these pictures are taken completely out of context, and don't show-off the costume with the kind of lighting and lens filters that we'll see in the final product. But, for the most part, Jor-El's new suit fits in with the alien design aesthetic that Snyder has been going for in the flick.

There are definite hints of Superman's costume layered within Jor-El's, which makes for some interesting symmetry between father and son. But despite the improvements to the suit, Crowe's frat-boy beer belly and scraggly beard manage to hog the spotlight. Then again, Crowe looks like a world-class athlete compared to Marlon Brando when he played the part of Jor-El in the original Superman.

Here's hoping that Jor-El will look less like he just hit up an Arbys, and more like the distinguished scientist that he's supposed to be when Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

[via The Daily Mail