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Remember when Ryan Gosling's character in Lars and the Real Girl insisted on carrying around a rubber sex doll and acting like it was his girlfriend? That was awkward. 

But when you make the crossover from the cinema to real life, moves like that are not just awkward, they can land you in handcuffs. 57-year-old Charlie J. Price found this out the hard way. While perusing the aisles of a Rite Aid in Pittsfield, Massachusets for sales,  a particularly foxy cardboard cutout caught his eye and he proceeded to have his way with the poor paper lady. According to witnesses, he "grabbed hold of the sunglass display, hugged it tightly and then began to lick and kiss the face of the female party on the display," which ended with Price and the display damsel having a full-on romp on the floor. 

Apparently, Price has a history of being unable to control his strange sexual urges. A level 3 sex offender, Price was jailed in 1991 for "indecent assault" on a minor and convicted of "gross lewdness and lascivious behavior" as early as last year. And, for his debut in "Charles and the Cardboard Girl", Price has scored himself a $200 fine and the irremovable label of "that guy".

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