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The fine folks over at 2K Games, Digital Extremes and Access PR have gifted this fantastically carved pumpkin to Complex in celebration of Halloween. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Especially for us gamers, it's just like another cosplaying opportunity. 

The festivities bring us yet another awesome tradition, though, and that's the Halloween spirit of pumpkins. The Darkness II is without a doubt one of our most anticipated games for next year, what with badassery in the form of quad-wielding and a unique graphic noir take on the art direction. Even though we would love to be squashing hearts with our demon arms right now, we'll take staring at this delightful pumpkin-rendition of one instead. 

While Digital Extremes can certainly make a gorey game, we're doubtful of their actual pumpking carving skills. This pumpkin was carved by Hugh McMahon, representing Brooklyn. Check out some of his other designs. 

Even better yet? We get pumpkin flavored beer to go with it. Sorry we can't share the wealth, but we will share these awesome pictures of our Halloween gifts in lieu of drunken parties with you all.

Happy Halloween!