A little while back, Sony was teasing something big for October 5, 2011. Many gamers, including us, speculated that this would be some sort of system-related announcement, perhaps even the details for the North America Vita launch. Well, it wasn’t; instead October 5 brought the launch of one of the best ad campaigns that the gaming industry in years.

Say hello to Long Live Play. The latest promotion campaign for the PlayStation brand honors gamers who make the brand what it is today. Sony made an open call to its fans last month on the PlayStation Blog asking dedicated gamers to send them a picture of their selves holding their PS3 controller along with a short statement as to what made them the ultimate PS3 gamer. As it turns out, selected gamers who heeded that call are being immortalized in the new campaign and honored by the company and its mascots in a line of new commercials.

This pretty cool and actually pretty “deep” for a video game commercial; perhaps these gaming companies understand us as gamers more than we give them credit for.