In a headline that would make the rounds on Twitter, instead of the web Dredd director Pete Travis has been locked out of the editing bay after butting heads with producers and executives. Citing "creative differences," the studio decided to boot the Vantage Point helmer from the project, and screenwriter-producer Alex Garland is said to be taking over the project in the editing room, and may seek a director's credit.

Fans hoping for a decent film version of Judge Dredd, starring Karl Urban in the title role, may have to keep their fingers crossed with this one. Principal photography wrapped earlier this year and it seems that the dollar signs producers and executives in charge of the production were not pleased with Pete's footage. With the possibility that Dredd may undergo reshoots, does this mean that the comic book adaptation might be dead before its September 21, 2012 arrival? 

There's plenty of time for this matter to be ironed out, but with too many cooks in the kitchen, will this project leave a sour taste in the mouths of Judge Dredd afficianados everywhere? Speak your piece in the comments section below.

[via Los Angeles Times]