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We are a few days from All Hallow’s Eve and what better way to celebrate than by partaking in the Festival of Blood. Sony and Sucker Punch have launched the stand alone expansion pack to inFAMOUS 2 on the PlayStation Network entitled inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood.

The best part about this new adventure is that you don’t have to own either of the original games to enjoy Cole’s latest outing. After being bitten by the Queenm of the Vampires, Cole has 8 hours to hunt her down and find a way to save his soul before sunrise because is he doesn’t he will become her servant for eternity. Sounds simple enough, right? The problem is that in a town where Cole is revered as a local hero, he now needs to also feed his new thirst for blood and the only way to do that is by using his newly acquired fangs.

Check out the launch trailer for the new game above.