WHERE: Harlem, NYC
WHEN: Thursday, October 6, 2011 

Like I said last week, I lost a gang of studio sessions about 2 years ago. Through some heavy diligence, and the grace of the digital file gods, my data has been recovered. At the moment, it's stored on this Lacie brick drive, as well as on a RAID drive, at my production partner's crib. My next move is to open the sessions and assess the condition of the contents, then cop a 4 or 8 terabyte RAID drive and copy all these files (400G) to the RAID. Now that I know that the files are intact and healthy, I can finally begin completing all the projects I lost. I truly believe I've used my last digital luck token. Backin' that thing up like Juvenile on protocol these days. There's gotta be at least three albums and who knows how many singles worth of unfinished business in there. Lucky me.

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