Just when you thought that Occupy Wall Street couldn't get any more mainstream attention, the LA Times is reporting that Christopher Nolan might use the protesters in next year's The Dark Knight Rises when production heads to New York on October 29. This information came from a source close to the production that revealed that some of the upcoming scenes being shot will include the protesters, though it isn't known which members of the cast and crew will actually interact with them.

Since the script for The Dark Knight Rises has been completed for quite some time, it doesn't seem likely that these protest scenes were written into the movie at the last minute just to piggyback off of the Occupy Wall Street publicity. It's more likely that the movie already called for a protest to be involved, and the Wall Street crowd just happened to be in New York at the right time.

It remains to be seen what the citizens of Gotham will be rallying against in The Dark Knight Rises, but with the recent set photos of Bane amassing a large army and fighting against both the cops and Batman in the streets, it's easy to see why people would become a bit agitated in Nolan's world.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the Occupy Wall Street crowds will take kindly to a $250 million movie production trying to further commercialize their political protest, but, then again, everyone loves Batman. 

[via The LA Times]