Attack the Block is a film we here at Complex absolutely love. In fact, the film won over critics and audiences on both sides of the Atlantic this year, even despite the thinking that certain audiences wouldn't be able to understand most of the slang. With a mix of sci-fi, horror, action, and comedy, Attack the Block was a winning combination, and thus talk of expanding the series is obligatory.

Director Joe Cornish first hinted to a potential sequel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Then, during this weekend New York Comic-Con, he told the IFC that those ideas are evolving into more, largely driven by the film's star John Boyega. "He keeps coming up with amazing ideas," Cornish said of Boyega. "He has this image of a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in Attack the Block was just the [first] wave and there's another wave of bigger creatures."

While we're not one to throw salt on anyone's game, if you are going to do a Block sequel, wouldn't it make sense to have it begin minutes after the first one ends? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

[via Empire]