When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are women who can win us over with the less-is-more route and yet others whose only chance at catching our eye is with their "creativity."

Katrina Bowden is not a woman who needs an elaborate ensemble. As Cerie, Tina Fey's scantily clad assistant on 30 Rock, Bowden once fashioned over a dozen costumes out of single accessory alone, a rare skill that earned her not only our attention, but our utmost respect. And we're not the only ones who recognize Bowden's unique talents—more than two million Esquire readers voted this inventive blonde 2011's "Sexiest Woman Alive."

Complex kicked off Halloween weekend with the newly crowned sexpot at NYC's Hudson Hotel, where she hosted Malibu Black's Skater Zombies and Surfer Chicks Costume Party and inspired the undead to somersault in their graves with her naughty fairy duds. Before we got rowdy on rum, we managed to ask the alluring actress about what it took to be crowned the cream of the sexy crop and her penchant (and proclivity) for screaming on screen. She even shared some advice on how to make your naughty Halloween wishes come true, to help us all find more fairy godmothers than trifling Tinkerbells.

Complex: You were recently voted Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive" of 2011. Has anything changed for you since you nabbed the title? 
Well, after it happened, I did three movies in a row, which I'm sure was helped by all of the attention the Esquire title brought. It's just cool to hear people reference me as that. It's very strange, but really cool. The more exposure you get, and the more people see and know you, the better... It can do wonderful things.

Has it changed the way you see yourself?
Oh, no, I'm so not that person that would be affected by that kind of thing. I'm not a very exciting person. I'm kind of a dork at heart, so it hasn't changed me.

Not to make you brag about yourself, but being that you beat out women like Kim Kardashian and Brooklyn Decker, what do you think it was about you in particular that stood out to voters?
I think it was my fans because they felt really strong about wanting me to win. Fans of 30 Rock who have been following me all these years were really adamant about getting somebody [to win] for their personality and their humor and what they do rather than just how they look. It was that combination more than one specific thing.

Do you think your self-proclaimed nerdiness worked in your favor?
I think a little bit. I'm not always dressed to the nines, I'm a normal person. I'm a dork and I admit it, and I think that helps people relate to me better.

We spoke to writer-director Eli Craig earlier this month about filming horror-comedy Tucker & Dale Vs Evil with you and he repeatedly mentioned how amazing you were in the film. Did you enjoy doing the scream queen thing?
<strong></strong>Definitely. I just finished filming Nurse 3D, a psychological horror movie that's kind of like Dexter meets Single White Female. I also did the second Piranha movie, a really over-the-top horror comedy, and I think it turned out really well. People are going to really enjoy it.

Any big Halloween plans?
I'm going to a party with some friends on Halloween. I think I might be Sookie Stackhouse. It's kind of cute and really recognizable.

One last question. We recently ran an article about Halloween costumes that can get a guy laid. What type of Halloween costume do you think would best get the job done?
Something funny is always best. I think it would be really great if someone went as the Dumb And Dumber characters in a tuxedo or something. I don't know if it would get them laid, but I would definitely find it funny.

On the flip-side, is there anything you suggest avoiding when it comes to Halloween costumes?
Trying too hard or putting too much make up on. Please, do not do that. [Laughs.]