If you grew up during the 1980’s, or even the early 1990’s, chances are that you have fond memories of the Transformers franchise in its prime. We know that we do, and so does the talented crew at High Moon Studios. The dedicated developers know their Transformers and showed their talents with 2010’s amazing War for Cybertron and did the best with what they were given for Dark of the Moon. It appears as though they are going to get a chance to shine once more with another original title for 2012 set in the Transformers universe: Transformers- Fall of Cybertron.

The new game is coming next year for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The official reveal for the title is coming in the next issue of Game Informer magazine. The details regarding the game are scarce but the first official art depicts Optimus Prime battling it out with Grimlock. That is right, Grim-freakin-lock, the giant T-rex transformer. We expect a whole slew of details when the next issue of Game Informer hits the newsstands, but until then, just think about controlling a giant mechanical tyrannosaurus rex on Cybertron.